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 +====== SOLO Taxonomy ======
 +The structure of observed learning outcomes (SOLO) taxonomy is a model that describes levels of increasing complexity in students'​ understanding of subjects.
 +SOLO Taxonomy is a structure to ensure that students understand how their learning relates to the subject content in their lessons. ​ Students find that they are able to relate their learning more directly to success and so know that they are progressing more clearly and feel like they were learning more as a result.
 +Additional resources available at [[https://​​2012/​05/​24/​session-99-how-can-we-spread-the-benefits-of-a-new-taxonomy-with-solo/​|https://​​2012/​05/​24/​session-99-how-can-we-spread-the-benefits-of-a-new-taxonomy-with-solo/​]]
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