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 +What is a 'Pupil Pursuit'?​
 +A pupil pursuit is an approach to:
 +  * Experience first-hand consistency and typicality in teaching and learning across the school
 +  * Gain an insight into mobility between lessons
 +  * Follow whole school threads/​development plan priorities
 +  * Understand how the learning environment/​ICT infrastructure (or lack of it) enhances or impedes learning in a 21st-century context
 +(from Gary King at [[https://​​2015/​04/​11/​the-pupil-pursuit/​]])
 +Following a pupil, group of pupils or a tutor group around for the day to explore their experience of a school day.  It allows you to see a variety of tutoring and teaching and learning styles in different subjects, different teachers and different contexts. However, as Gary King mentions, it is not:
 +  * A method to ‘catch staff out’
 +  * A ‘back door’ strategy to grade the various lessons you are in
 +  * A means to pigeon-hole teachers, if for example, the lesson isn’t typical of the triangulated sources of information used to determine quality of teaching and we have to mindful that staff pursuing students are not there to judge or feedback on the quality of teaching, unless of course teachers request this.
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