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 +===== Retrieval Practice =====
 +=== What is it? ===
 +Retrieval Practice refers to the act of recalling learned information from memory (with little or no support) and every time that information is retrieved, or an answer is generated, it changes that original memory to make it stronger (Jones, 2019).
 +=== References, links and further information:​ ===
 +Karpicke, J.D. (2016) A powerful way to improve learning and memory: Practicing retrieval enhances long-term, meaningful learning, Psychological Science Agenda ([[https://​​science/​about/​psa/​2016/​06/​learning-memory|article link here]]).
 +Jones, K. (2019) Retrieval Practice: Research & Resources for every classroom, John Catt Publishers, Melton. ([[https://​​2019/​12/​10/​retrieval-practice-book/​|Our book review link here]])
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